Our Company

We founded Grape Capital Group in January 2009. At the time, we saw an opportunity others didn’t — a gap in the private lending industry.

On one side, big banks and powerful lenders were ignoring the sector. On the other side, small private lenders were operating in the shadows — making deals they knew borrowers could not pay back.

So we raised the bar.

Our company is dedicated to providing fair, transparent private lending options and took a hard stand against predatory lending.

In 2012, second mortgage lending became our focus and since then we’ve made it our mission to make the second mortgage process simpler, safer and more efficient for everyone.

We’re just getting started.

The private lending industry needs more regulation, more transparency, more education and more innovation. We advocate for change like this and we will continue to lead by example as our team — and the trustworthy brokers we work with — continue help qualified borrowers in Ontario build better futures.

– Sergey Vinogradov & Joe Williams